Love on the Bridge

  If you are still scratching your head as to why these padlocks are a regular sighting on the Vista Bridge, here are two short articles that explain the phenomenon from Paris to Portland. Unfortunately, there is such a thing as too much love. The original “Locks of Love” bridge partially collapsed a year ago […]



A View of the Viewers

Even though the professional photographers and artists are gone, even though the regular community gatherings have disappeared, people did turn out on the Vista Bridge for the lunar eclipse. And it was a lovely sight to see. As was the eclipse!    

Design Concepts: Round Three

The Vista Bridge Restoration Advisory Committee (VBRAC) met in City Hall’s Lovejoy Room (with its beautiful historic staircase and stunning vault) to further reduce the design options for the bridge deterrent.   The final two design options are: 1. Historic railing/fence 2. Net at constant location below the bridge deck   A report has been […]



Design Criteria for the Vista Bridge Deterrent

  The Vista Bridge Restoration Advisory Committee (VBRAC) used the criteria below to recommend a deterrent for the Vista Bridge. The deterrent system for the bridge must: Impede the ability of an individual to jump off the Vista Bridge either to commit suicide or as a recreational activity. Not cause safety or nuisance hazards or restrict […]

A Disturbing but Necessary Post 1

  During the Vista Bridge Restoration Advisory Committee’s (VBRAC) brainstorm of net options for the bridge, there loomed one important question: are nets safe? The VBRAC recruited the help of one physicist and two aeronautical engineers to give us an answer.   The question: If a person fell from the top of the Vista Bridge railing, […]